About chloe

Chloe B. McKenzie is a researcher, writer, educator, and wealth justice activist. Chloe is the founder and visionary of BlackFem and the Center for Financial Trauma and Wealth Justice, national nonprofits that are closing the race and gender wealth gap by mobilizing cities, political systems, culture centers, and education systems to be the mechanism through which we maximize the wealth-building capabilities of Black women and women of color, their families, and their communities.

Today, she is conducting ground breaking research on financial trauma, abuse, and shame. Research, featured in Forbes, British Vogue, and L’Officiel and used by major academic and financial institutions, with the intention of developing resources to close the wealth gap and to build healthier relationships with money. Chloe intends to continue her research as she pursues her PhD in Sociology and works with institutions such as Georgetown University, The Hope Center at Temple University, and Edquity.